World Usability Day

Digitales Bezahlen & Service-Design

»Einfach (macht sich) bezahlt«

Berlin, Kalkscheune

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Disclosing Shared Value in Business Ecosystems

von 14:30 bis 16:00

(Digital) payment via money is the most obvious form of value exchange. But in the digital space and our attention economy other »currencies« (information, knowledge shares and chunks, personal data, etc.) and reciprocal value exchange systems exist as well. The »value flow« which emerges out of these transactions often is the real currency system making modern web services and their ecosystems possible in the first hand. Therefore any (web) business, which aims at generating economic exchanges (profitable revenues) also has to understand the value creation processes of social exchanges. That is, it has to understand what »value« is, what it constitutes for the user of a system and how it even is related to higher orders of value creation, e.g. for natural ecosystems and society. Knowing all this is a critical prerequisite for constructing resilient value networks, which are capable of delivering a really holistic user experience for every stakeholder in an ecosystem. And this is, what good service design and usability on an abstract level is all about!

The presentation part of the session will explore the different of forms of value for users, organisations, ecology and society. In the hands-on workshop part the participants will ‘construct an ecosystem’ by the help of an introduced visual vocabulary.